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Clean Family Friendly Recycling Depot

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(855) 701-7171


(855) 701-7171

Burnaby Return It Depot

Too many beer bottles, juice boxes and soda cans kicking around? Our Burnaby Return It Depot provides a clean and simple solution for you to return your empties for a FULL REFUND.

We pay a full 10¢ deposit on beer empties.

Full Deposit On All Beverage Containers

*Recycle Milk & Other No Deposit Containers

Small Drink Containers Under 1 Liter

Alcohol Drink Containers Under 1 Liter


Burnaby Return It Depot

Large Drink Containers Over 1 Liter


* No deposit is paid at the store for these items so we’re unable to provide a refund.

How Plastic Bottles Are Recycled?

Come Down To The Burnaby Return It Depot

Burnaby Bottle Depot

2876 Norland Ave Burnaby,
B.C. Canada V5B 3A9
Call Us Toll Free (855) 701-7171