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(855) 701-7171

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What can you recycle? | What do you pay for? | Is there any Fee?

If your item has a cord, plugs in, winds up, has a battery, or is made mostly of metal, then we recycle it. We accept all items free of charge. In addition, we also pay for scrap metal and beverage containers. Keep this in mind next time you go through your recycling as you may make some extra cash next time we see you!

Recycle for FREE!
There is NO CHARGE to recycle any items including electronics, tools, equipment, batteries, lighting equipment. Bring all  these items to us and recycle for free!

We PAY For!
We provide a FULL REFUND on all beverage containers such as tetra packs, water & liquor bottles, wine boxes, juice containers and more. 

We also pay for Non-ferrous scrap metal. Our Scrap Metal Page has good information on how to tell what metals have value, so take a look and see what might be worth some green.

Where are you located? | What are your hours of operations?

We have 8 convenient locations across the Greater Vancouver Area, the Fraser Valley and in Nanaimo. Check out our locations page to get full location details such as hours of operation and then stop by with your recycling sometime soon.

Why don’t you pay for milk, american, soup cartons and other misc containers?

When you buy items like these at the store you don’t pay a deposit on them. For this reason, we can’t give you a refund. We’ll however still recycle them at all of our locations.

Do you accept crushed cans?

We accept single crushed cans since counting them is easy. We don’t take bricks of crushed cans because, for one thing, it is impossible to count the quantities of cans in a crushed brick.  And, if fact they are quite often stolen.

I’m looking for a job. Are you hiring?

Yes! Check out our Careers Page in order to see recycling career opportunities. You never know, it could be the start of a rewarding new journey!

What don't you recycle? | Where can I take items you don't take?

We don’t recycle
Paper products, appliances, paint, pesticides, tires, composing, drywall, expired medications, nail polish, cosmetics, scrap wood, kitchen grease, cooking oil, or mattresses; makeup, lotions, propane tanks and styrofoam packing peanuts; nor pianos, hockey gear, carpets/ rugs, mirrors, plaster …

Instead of tossing these items, begin with the Recyclepedia App then see where these items can be taken.
Go to RCBC’s website, call the BC Recycling Hotline – 604 RECYCLE, or contact us at 604 276 8270

Cleaning & Organization

What are the sorting instructions?

Above all, rinse all containers prior to bringing them to the depot in order to ensure they’re free from food waste, which does not belong in the recycling system.

Sort your recycling by type, keeping your refundable containers separate from other items so they are easy to access. Likewise, at the depot, sort your bottles and containers by similar size & value on the supplied cart.

What do we do with the corks and caps?

Leave corks and caps on the bottles. It’s more effective for the recycling factory to sort and take care of these.

How can I wipe all my data before I recycle my computer?

The easiest way to do this it to download disk-wiping software like this one: diskwipe.org

Can I reuse products that come into the depot?

No. Standard recycling policy is that nothing leaves the depots unless shipping for processing/destruction. This is a provincial standard, so unfortunately, no recycling depot in BC provides that option.

But, we can recommend that anyone looking to reuse or upcycle products donate them to the Salvation Army, Value Village, Craigslist, ReStore or any other service organization. And, if you’re looking to get these items for free, craigslist, kijiji and other such online marketplaces have listings of free items available.

Recycling Pick-Up Questions

Can I schedule a pick-up for my business? | How do I set that up?

Yes! First, check out our Commercial Pick-up Page for more info on what can be commercially recycled, and then connect with us to make arrangements for pick-up.

Education | How Is It Recycled?

What is the point of recycling? | Does recycling really work? | What is the point of recycling?

Recycling uses LESS energy and CONSERVES our natural resources. It also creates a lot of great jobs in the recycling industry.

We still produce way too much garbage and nobody likes having a landfill around. Gasses from landfills contaminate our groundwater supplies and piles of garbage replace our beautiful landscapes will face pollution. Pollution can cause many health problems. We recycle to help keep pollution in check.

There are many ways in which this process makes for a better and happier world. Help us sustain the environment for future generations.  ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’

Where does it all go? | What's the process? | How is it reused?

Where your recycling goes, how it is processed and how it is reused depends on the types of items you are recycling. We love that people are interested, and we love to share info a lot of different ways! For instance, we have handy recycling videos that are a fun way to learn more about recycling! 

Our YouTube Channel also has more great videos for the purpose of providing helpful information, and we provide depot tours at all of our locations too. Like that idea? Contact the depot manager of the location nearest you to arrange your tour soon. With the popularity of our depot tours in mind, our seasonal events based on recycling education include tours of our facilities.

Lastly, we have a blog where we share recycling information, ideas, and tips, and a monthly newsletter that does the same. To top it all off, we’re social and you can find us sharing info on social media channels like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.

Bottle Drive Questions

Where does it all go? | What's the process? | How is it reused?

Raising money with bottle drives is easy. For instance, a well-run bottle drive will easily raise over $900 in a single day, and some of our top fundraisers have raised more than $2000.  As an example of what can be achieved, our top bottle drive raised over $15,000! And lastly, to add to your totals, we also have an annual contest that could increase your earnings by as much as $1,000.

To help you organize your drive and maximize your fundraising we have an online bottle drive kit that has all the tools you need to raise money easily. When you book your drive with us you then get sorting supplies too! First step? Check out our online information on how to organize a successful bottle drive.

Where will you pick up a bottle drive?

We pick up at the location you choose: your school, your church, a clubhouse, frat house, wherever makes it the most convenient for you*. Book your bottle drive with us well in advance, so that we can help you to raise the greatest amount of money with your bottle drive.

*In order to make your recycling easy, we have locations in Abbotsford, Burnaby, Cloverdale, Nanaimo, Richmond, Vancouver, and Whistler. Therefore, we pick up everywhere in the Lower Mainland, Sea to Sky and Nanaimo areas.

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