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(855) 701-7171


Automotive, Lead Acid & Car Battery Disposal.

Did you know you can make money recycling your old lead-acid batteries? Why not put a little extra cash in your pocket this season.

* Earnings start at $8.50 and vary depending on weight. If you have 3 or more, please call (855) 701-7171 for a quote.

It pays to recycle. Come down to Burnaby Bottle Depot.

Recycle Car Batteries For Cash

Marine Boat Batteries

Automotive & Car Batteries

Marine Boat Batteries

Marine / Boat Batteries

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Recycle Deep Cycle Batteries

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Recycling Auto Batteries Safely

How to recycle auto batteries safely?

If you choose to replace your old automotive battery yourself, please handle them with care. Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s advice when removing the battery. Wear gloves and place the battery upright in a sealed, waterproof container for safe transport.

We believe safety is very important. Transporting large quantities of automotive batteries can be dangerous. Our drivers are experienced and certified to transfer dangerous materials keeping your family safe on the road.

Why should I recycle my batteries?

Whether it died slowly or suddenly, your car battery needs to be recycled. Recycling batteries help to save non-renewable resources like lead, zinc, lithium, mercury, and cadmium. Some of these materials are hazardous to human health and the environment. If thrown in a landfill the battery case will eventually erode, causing heavy metals to leak into our ground and contaminate our water supplies.

Nearly 90% of lead-acid batteries today are recycled. We would like to reach 100% with your help. Don’t be the 10% that chooses to not recycle their lead acid batteries. Let’s work together to keep BC clean and beautiful!

Recycle Your Car Batteries

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